Why Brands Are Choosing .XYZ Domain Names


.XYZ is a domain name ending that has grown in popularity and usage. Serving as an alternative to traditional domain extensions, .XYZ domain names have the same utility as legacy extensions like .com, .net, and .org.

Well-known companies have adopted XYZ domain names. Google’s holding company, Alphabet, was one of the first major corporations to embrace .XYZ domain names with ABC.xyz. Later, Square announced that its holding company would be rebranded as Block, and it uses Block.xyz. Both of these companies are publicly traded.

For the past few years, many companies and platforms in a variety of fields have chosen to use .XYZ domain names. Companies and platforms in the cryptocurrency, NFT, Web3, artificial intelligence, arts, and other fields have chosen .XYZ domain names. In fact, some of the largest .XYZ domain name sales have occurred in the recent past.

So why are founders choosing .XYZ domain names?

Here are some comments from the leaders of companies that are now using a .XYZ domain name:

“.xyz felt new and fresh, just like web3.”
– Alex Slobodnik, Founder/CEO of NftyChat.xyz

“We chose .xyz because not only was it easy to remember, but had a sense of being relevant, exciting, even a bit futuristic. We love it. It feels fresh.”
– Peter Schulte, Founder of Kindling.xyz

“The domain handle .xyz was co-opted by just the whole NFT and crypto movement. It just became this thing where all of the dot coms were taken. It seemed too commercial. It was played out. It was old. […] And for some reason, if you’re Web3, if you’re crypto, if you’re NFTs, just use .xyz. And everyone just latched onto that. So that’s been the thing.”
Kevin Rose (to Tim Ferris), Founder of Proof.xyz / Moonbirds.xyz

“Creating Preme.xyz was inspired by trying to think of something different than a typical .com. We wanted to name our site something creative.”
– Anthony Supreme, Founder Preme.xyz

Domain names in the .XYZ extension are much more available to purchase and generally far less expensive than the matching .com domain names. For instance, a domain name in the .com extension may cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars but the .XYZ domain name is priced at a fraction of that. In addition, .XYZ domain names are more widely available. There are hundreds of millions of registered .com domain names but fewer than 5 million .XYZ domain names are registered.