About Embrace.xyz:

Embrace.xyz is a domain name marketplace that specializes in the sale of short and memorable .xyz domain names.

Over the past few years, .XYZ domain names have become more popular and widely used by companies of various sizes throughout the world. Companies operating in the Web3, crypto, and tech industries embrace .xyz domain names. Even major companies are using.xyz domain names. In fact, two publicly traded holding companies use .XYZ domain names. Alphabet, which owns Google, uses ABC.xyz and Block, which owns Square, uses Block.xyz.

It has become very expensive or impossible to acquire a brand matching .com domain name. Longer or off-brand domain names may not be desirable. A .XYZ domain name can help a company stand out from other businesses.

At Embrace.xyz, we embrace .xyz domain names.

Embrace.xyz and the domain names listed for sale on the website are owned by Top Notch Domains, LLC. Embrace.xyz is not affiliated with the .XYZ domain registry.